Prf Series Ratio 3-100 Transmission 1500W Servo Motor Planetary Gearbox

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Planetary Gear Boxes

1. Square flange output, standard size;
2. The input connection specifications are compete and there are many choices;
3.Straight transmission, single cantilever structure, design simple, high-cost performance;
4. Stable operation, low noise;
5. Keyway can be opened in the force shaft;
6. Size range:40-160mm;
7. Ratio range:3-100;
8. Precision range:8-16arcmin

Planetary Gear Boxes Image


What exactly is an Planetary Gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is an extremely common type of industrial gearbox utilized in various industries. They are able to provide the highest levels of efficiency and offer greater gear ratios than other kinds of gearboxes.

They are also lightweight in weight and have higher power transfer capacity than other transmissions. This makes them ideal for applications that require high-power and less space for construction.

Planetary gearboxes are high in power density due to the fact that they employ multiple gears to distribute the burden. This improves their efficiency, which makes them suitable for applications that require the transfer of energy rapidly.

Another benefit of the planetary gearboxes is their small design. They weigh less than traditional gears, thus reducing the cost of installation and guaranteeing high-quality and stable performance.

They also come with a broad range of ratios as well as the capability of precisely varying the quantity of torque and power supplied. They can be utilized in a range of different applications and settings.

This high torque from planetary gearboxes comes from the huge quantity of planetary gears that share the load that allows them to transmit greater energy per unit than traditional parallel shaft gearboxes.


An average planetary gear has three shafts, the sun gear as well as the planet carrier and the outer rings gear. The sun gear is the one that drives the planet gears, in turn, the rotation ratio for planet gears is determined using the amount of teeth that are in each gear.

In this instance the sun gear is made up of 24 teeth while every planet's gear is made of 16 teeth. Therefore it is the ratio -+24/16, or +3/2. One turn of the sun gear counterclockwise will cause every planet to rotate 1.5 counterclockwise around its axis.

Planetary gearboxes are extensively utilized in many applications that require high-precision. They are able to deliver precise torque within a the smallest footprint which makes them suitable for use in areas in which space is constrained and precision is essential.

They can also be paired with other parts to make extremely compact, high-performance, and robust feature sets. This makes them suitable for a wide range of motion control tasks like pipe benders and robotic arms.

Planetary gearboxes are engineered to have the maximum torsional rigidity as well as the lowest backlash. This allows them to provide the maximum power output while minimizing noise and loss in torque.

Planetary gearboxes have their high efficiency. Due to their small dimensions, they also possess the highest power density when in comparison to other kinds of gears. Utilizing external rings, in particular, reduces the size and weight of these gears, allowing the transmission of high torques within a smaller space of construction.

Planetary gears are generally constructed from metallic materials to improve their longevity and endurance. They are utilized in many different applications such as debarking machines, forestry equipment and sawing machines such as vacuum filters, pulp washers and much more.

Like every other mechanical or gear component of a vehicle planetary gears require lubrication in order to perform smoothly and to prevent damage and wear. The lubricants used are typically oils or greases or synthetic gels that keep gears operating properly and avoid wear. It also helps to cool and lessens vibration or noise.

Planetary gearboxes have low noise and suitable for numerous industrial applications. This kind can also be lightweight and is able to transmit massive torque with an easy design.

They are employed in a range of different applications which include automation equipment that is driven with servo motors. These kinds of gearboxes can be found in a range of gear ratios. They they can be custom-built to suit particular requirements.

In contrast to the helical gearboxes, planetary ones are constructed with multiple teeth interconnected to boost efficiency. This means that the distribution of power is more efficient, which allows more torque to be distributed.