Planetary Gear Boxes

Planetary gear boxes, also known as planetary gearboxes, are one of the most interesting types of gearboxes in motion control.

Planetary Gear box Applications

As well as uses for transmissions in vehicles, planetary gearboxes are used in various industries for different applications. They offer high precision and high torque-to-volume ratio making them well suited to applications which involve; increasing torque, reducing speed, precise positioning and controlling reproducible machinery. Applications include;

  • AGV’s
    Wheel drives
    Slew drives
    Winch drives
    Slew drives
    Track drives
    Cutter heads
    Renewable energy
    Medical scanners
    Operating tables

How Does a Planetary Gearbox Work?

The gears’ alignment could be compared to our solar system, where the planets rotate about the sun. That’s why the title “Planetary Gearbox”.


Within the center of the gearbox for planetary use there is the “sun” gear, which is also called a central or central gear. It’s usually used as the primary gear. On the outside there are two at least “planet” gears – also known as outer gears. The planet gears are surrounded by is a ring gear that helps to keep the gears in place. Planet gears are linked via a carrier, which connects directly to an output shaft.


How does a Planetary Gear box Work?

A Planetary gear box also referred to as an epicyclic or epicyclic gear box is among the most fascinating kinds of gear boxes that are available in motion control. They are commonly utilized in automobiles as a crucial component of automated transmissions.

Planetary Gear boxes are a form of gear box that has both output and input share the same center of rotation. It means that the central point of an input gear is rotated around the central point of the output gear, and the shafts for output and input are aligned.

what are planetary gearboxes used for?

Planetary gears are typically employed when weight and space are a concern, but the need for a substantial amount of torque and speed reduction are required. This is applicable to many industries, such as construction equipment and tractors, in which a lot of torque is required in order to power the wheels.