52mm Metal Cutted High Precious Low Noise Planetary Gearbox

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Planetary GearBoxes

Planetary gearheads provide exceptionally high power transmission and an extremely compact design. The modular design and stage sizes provide the basis to create a customized solution. Metal components are used in a broad range in application possible.At at the same time,, they possess a compact design with a low weight and a high effectiveness. Self-centering planet gears ensure a symmetrical force distribution. The ring gear forms the gearbox's housing. The shaft that drives the gearbox is supported by two ball bearings to ensure that it is able to withstand heavy forces both radially and axially. The gearboxes can be customized, e.g. to be used in extremely low temperatures or as high-power gearboxes that have strengthened output shafts, or equipped with special lubricants that provide extremely long service lives.

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What are Planetary Gearboxes?

Planetary gearboxes are the most common kind of industrial gearbox that is used in a variety of industries. They are able to provide high levels of efficiency, and offer more efficient ratios of transmission than other kinds of gearboxes.

They are also light and have a greater transmitting power than other gearboxes. This makes them more suitable for projects that demand a huge amount of power , but a smaller space for construction.

Planetary gearboxes feature a high power density since they employ several gears in order to share the burden. This boosts their efficiency, making the gearboxes ideal for use in applications that require quick transfer energy.

Another benefit of the planetary gearbox is their small design. These gearboxes weigh approximately half the weight of conventional gears, which decreases the cost of installation and guarantees high-quality and stable performance.


They also come with a broad range of speeds and are able to precisely alter the amount of power and torque transmitted. This makes them suitable for use in a range of environments and applications.

The huge torque that planetary gearboxes have is due to the huge amount of planet gears that share the load which permits them to transmit more energy per unit than conventional similar axis-based gearboxes.

A common planetary gear arrangement comprises three shafts: the sun gear along with the planet carrier and an outer rings gear. The sun gear is the one that drives the planet gears, which rotate according to how many teeth within each gear.

In this instance the sun gear has 24 teeth, while the planet gears have 16 teeth. Therefore the ratio is -+24/16 or -+3/ 2 . one clockwise rotation that the sun gear makes generates 1.5 counterclockwise turns for each planet gear around its axis.

Planetary gearboxes are extensively employed in a range of applications that require high-precision. They are able to produce precise quantities of torque in a compact footprint, which makes them the ideal solution for situations where space is a problem and precision is essential.

Additionally, they can be paired with other components in order to create functional packages that are small as well as robust and efficient. This makes them suitable for a range of motion control applications like robotic arms and pipe bend machines.

Planetary gearboxes are engineered with the strongest torsional rigidity and the lowest backlash. This allows them to deliver the highest power output while minimizing noise and loss of torque.

Planetary gearboxes are distinguished by an extremely high efficiency. They also have a superior power density when compared to other kinds of gears due to their compact design. The inclusion the external ring gear specifically reduces the size and weight of this kind of gear, allowing for high torque transmission even in smaller construction areas.

Planet gears are generally constructed of metal to enhance their lifespan and longevity. They are used in a myriad of ways such as machinery for forestry, debarking as well as sawing equipment and vacuum filters, pulp washers and many other.

As with every other mechanical or gear part in a car the planetary gears require fluidity to operate without a hitch and to prevent damages and wear. This type of lubrication is typically grease, oil, or synthetic gel that ensures the gears work well and are protected from wear. It also cools and lessens the sound or vibration.


Planetary gearboxes can be a good choice for a variety of industrial applications due to their quiet operation. This kind can also be lightweight and can deliver the highest torque with an uncomplicated layout.

They are used in a range of different applications that include automation devices powered with servo motors. They are available in a vast variety of ratios, and can be modified to meet your particular requirements.

In contrast to the helical gearboxes, planetary ones have multiple teeth that mesh simultaneously to improve efficiency. This means that the distribution of power is more efficient and lets more torque be transferred.