060Pabz180 Coaxial Precision Mini Planetary Gearbox for CNC Machine

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Planetary Gearboxes

1. Gearbox Housing & Flange: Aluminum-alloy Die Casting ADC12

2. The gear set is: Precision Planetary Gear Set Ring Gears 40Cr Planetary Gears 20CrMnTi Surface Hardness HRC5862, Internal Hardness HRC3340

3. Input Configurations Keyed Hollow Shaft with Motor Adaptor

4. Output Configurations: Keyed Solid Shaft Output keyless Solid Shaft Output

5. Applicable Motors:Servo Motors, Stepper Motors

Planetary Gearboxes Image


What exactly is an Planetary Gearbox?

A planetary gearbox is an extremely common kind of industrial gearbox that is used in various industries. They provide the highest efficiency and offer higher ratios of gears than other kinds of gearboxes.

They also have a light weight and possess a greater capacity for torque transfer over other transmissions. They are therefore more suitable for applications that require power , but with smaller construction spaces.

Planetary gearboxes are high in power density due to the fact that they employ multiple gears to distribute the burden. This boosts their efficiency, which makes the gearbox ideal for use in applications that require to transfer energy rapidly.


Another benefit of planetary gearboxes is their slim design. They weigh half the weight of traditional gears, thus reducing the cost of installation and guaranteeing an efficient and stable performance.

They also have a broad range of ratios as well as the capability of precisely varying the quantity of torque and power that is delivered. This lets them be utilized in a range of different applications and settings.

High torque in planetary gearboxes is due the huge amount of gears in the planetary system sharing load which allows them to transfer greater energy per unit than conventional parallel shaft gearboxes.

An average planetary gear comprises three shafts: the sun gear as well as the planet carrier and the outer rings gear. The sun gear is the one that drives the planet gears, in turn, the amount of the planetary gears' rotation can be determined by how many teeth are that are in each gear.

In this case the sun gear has 24 teeth, and the planet gears have 16 teeth. So this ratio would be -+24/16, or +3/2. One turn of the sun gear in clockwise direction causes every planet to rotate 1.5 counterclockwise along its axis.

Planetary gearboxes are utilized in many applications that require high-precision. They can be set up to give precise torque in a smaller footprints and are therefore ideal for situations where space is restricted and precision is required.

They are also able to be integrated with other components to create small, powerful and high-performance feature sets. They are ideal for a wide range of motion control tasks including pipe benders and robotic arms.

Planetary gearboxes are engineered to have the maximum torsional rigidity as well as the lowest backlash. This allows them to produce maximum power with minimal noise and loss of torque.

Planetary gearboxes are distinguished by their efficiency and efficiency. Because of their small dimensions, they also offer the highest power density in comparison to other kinds of gears. External ring gears specifically minimizes the weight and volume of these gears, which allows the transmission of high torques within a compact construction area.


Planetary gears are generally constructed of metal to extend their life and longevity. They are utilized in many different applications such as debarking equipment, forestry equipment and sawing machines and vacuum filters, pulp washers and much more.

As with every other mechanical or gear part of a vehicle planetary gears require lubrication in order to perform smoothly and to prevent damage and wear. These lubricants usually consist of oils, greases or synthetic gels that ensure that the gears are functioning correctly and to prevent wear. They also provide cooling and helps reduce noise or vibration.

Planetary gearboxes have low noise and suitable for numerous industrial applications. This kind can also be small and can deliver massive torque with an easy design.

They are employed in many different ways that include automation equipment powered through servomotors. These kinds of gearboxes can be found in a range of gear ratios. They are able to be modified in order to suit particular requirements.

As opposed to helical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes have multiple teeth interconnected to improve efficiency. This makes the distribution of power is more efficient and allows more torque to be distributed.